Industrial Ventilators: The Key to Effective Ventilation and Safety at Work

Industrial fans play an irreplaceable role in almost every area of industry, guaranteeing proper air circulation and ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions for workers. Their importance is important in production environments where harmful chemicals and industrial dust are present, requiring effective ventilation and air purification.

Modern industrial fans are not only reliable and efficient, but also increasingly energy-efficient, contributing to reduced operating costs and environmental impact. Advanced technological solutions allow you to adjust the operating parameters of the fans to the individual needs of each industrial plant, ensuring optimal efficiency and energy saving.

Manufacturer of Industrial Ventilators

As an experienced manufacturer of industrial fans, UNI-PRO has been on the market since 1996. We specialize in the production of fans, offering innovative and unusual solutions that meet even the most demanding needs of customers. Our products are constantly improved and upgraded, which guarantees high quality and reliability. Thanks to our commitment, UNI-PRO fans work worldwide, ensuring effective ventilation and safety in the workplace.

Applications of Industrial Ventilators

Industrial fans find application in many industries and industries. In the chemical industry, ventilation is key to removing harmful vapours and ensuring safe working conditions. In the food industry, fans are used to control temperature and humidity and prevent moisture and mold accumulation in warehouses and production halls.

In the metallurgical and mining industries, ventilation is essential to remove gases and dust that can be harmful to the health of workers. In the energy sector, Industrial fans help to remove heat from turbines and reactors, ensuring safe operation of the equipment.

In the construction industry, fans are used to remove moisture from rooms during renovation and construction processes. In the automotive industry, ventilation is crucial during the coating and coating processes, ensuring that coating coatings dry quickly and minimize the risk of dust and pollution damage.

Industrial fans are also used in the wood, textile, electronic, petrochemical and many other industries, where effective ventilation is crucial to ensuring the safety of workers and protecting the environment.

Wentylatory promieniowe
Radial fans

Industrial radial fans marked with letters WP, in standard versions we use for room ventilation, ventilation systems, behind filters for dust extraction, in many devices in which clean air. The range of applications of these fans is very wide. Capacity from 700m3/h to 70,000m3/h. The pressures that our fans produce are from 100Pa to 8000Pa. The radial fans we manufacture can be adapted to work at different temperatures from -20oC to 350oC.

Wentylatory przeciwwybuchowe
Explosion-proof fans

Industrial explosion-proof fans are used in room ventilation, ventilation systems, in many devices where there is clean air. They are used where there is a danger of explosion and the explosion danger zone must be specified precisely. We manufacture explosion-proof fans for gases and dust. For Z2 and Z22 explosion hazards. The capacity range of our fans is from 700 m3/h to 70 000 m3/h. The pressures that the fans produce are from 100Pa to 8000Pa.

Wentylatory dachowe
Roof fans

This type of fan is called WPD. Radial Industrial roof fans which we produce are designed for the ventilation of rooms and halls. This type of fan is mounted on the roof. Our roof fans have radial rotors. They are powered by three- or one-phase engines. The range of performance of our roof fans is from 500m3/h to 20 000m3/h. The pressures generated by these fans range from 100Pa to 1300Pa.

Wentylatory z tworzyw sztucznych
Polymer fans

In collaboration with IMFITEX sp. z o.o. we manufacture radial fans made of polymers (WPT designation), which are resistant to most aggressive chemical media. We use them in air purification installations, in galvanization processes, digestion, corrosive gas pressing, etc. They are chemically resistant in contact with many acids, bases and solvents. Capacity range from 700 m3/h to 70 000 m3/h. The case of PE polyethylene is resistant to UV radiation, temperature (from -40oC to +50oC), moisture. It is also characterized by good impact and abrasion resistance. Polymer PP from which the rotor is made – it is resistant to long-term effects of temperature (inflammability).

Wentylatory specjalne
Special industrial fans

Special industrial radial fans we make on special order of the customer. We adapt these fans to the special requirements of the client. They are characterized by an unusual construction. The range of applications of these fans is very wide. The fan capacity range ranges from 700m3/h to 70,000m 3/h. The pressures that the fans produce are from 100Pa to 8000Pa. Special industrial fans can be adapted to work at different temperatures. The range of temperatures for which we manufacture fans is from -40oC to 350oC.

Wentylatory transportowe
Transport fans

Industrial transport fans in standard versions are used for the transport of rust, styrofoam, dust, etc. This type of fan is designated by the letters WT. They are used in ventilation installations, installations for the transportation of the above mentioned particles, in dust removal plants, in many installations where there is polluted air, transport radial fans are applied in a very many industries. The performance range of our fans is from 700 m3/h to 13000 m3 /h. The pressures that the fans produce are from 100Pa to 5000Pa.

Wentylatory do zabudowy
Built-in industrial fans

Industrial built-in radial fans (WPM designation) are used in paint cabins, paint furnaces, dryers, for air transfusion in closed and open circuits and in many devices where there is clean air. They are used where the fan must be installed in the device. The range of performance of our fans is from 700m3/h to 70,000m 3/h. The pressures that the fans produce are from 100Pa to 8000Pa. Built-in radial fans can be adapted to operate in the temperature range from -20oC to 350oC.

Wyważanie wirników
Rotor balancing services

We carry out the balancing of the rotors of the fans in our company or on site with the customer. In the case of balancing the rotor itself (without drive), the diagnosis is carried out only in UNI-PRO. We carry out customer balancing with a portable set primarily for dynamic balancing in our own bearings. There are no restrictions on the dimensions and masses of the balanced rotors. Upon request, we prepare machine vibration assessments, rotor diagnostic machines (on the basis of the composite spectral vibration image), accurate measurement of rotor rotation speed.

Usługi dodatkowe
Additional services

The company UNI-PRO recommends services in the field of standard quality steel welding, acid-resistant steel and aluminum, plasma cutting numerical, production of forms, knees, triplets, etc. We manufacture sound-absorbing fan chambers with which the sound level is reduced to 20dBA. We offer repairs of entire industrial fans as well as rotors themselves. Recently, the company has expanded its business as a fence contractor.

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